Monday, October 22, 2007

Just finished watching Oprah

I hardly EVER watch Oprah but there wasn't anything else on and the subject caught my attention. She had two guests on there, both of whom are dying. I saw two amazing people who faced death with such courage but I felt like screaming at the television, YES you know how to live with the fact that you're dying, but DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DIE?! Neither of them said one word about having confidence that Christ has conquered death for them. Neither one of them spoke of Heaven awaiting them because Christ died on the cross to pay for their sins. It was so very sad. And at the end Oprah had a chance to sum up what the show was all about...again not one word of Christ.
So I sit here and pray that the Lord will bring SOMEONE into their lives to tell them that they're sinners, to tell them that they deserve to go to hell but that Christ paid the price for them, and He gives them faith to believe this as a gift of His grace. Please, Lord!

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