Sunday, November 25, 2007

Can't sleep

So it's 4:46AM and I can't sleep so thought I'd stop by here. There are some nights when my dreams focus on the internet. Sometimes I'm endlessly checking email (am I on the internet too much? Naw........) but other times it's different. Tonight I find myself focusing on a particular caringbridge site. I visit so many and some that are so dear to my heart are those women who are battling breast cancer. Tonight I was dreaming that I had cancer and was starting to go through treatments. Then my thoughts when to one site in particular. I was dreaming about Dawn B's updates and even dreamed that she was heading to WA. Yeah, should have known THAT was a dream. I guess the reason this happens is I care so much about those I pray for that I can't even "let go" when I fall asleep. I hear that when you're having problems sleeping you should get up and write out what you're thinking about and then head back to sleep. So maybe this will help, maybe it won't, and maybe I'll use this time to say extra prayers for all who are really fighting this battle, and not just in their dreams.
Back to bed, perchance to dream....