Monday, April 21, 2008

Sin offerings

I found a great site that helps you read the Bible through in a year. It breaks it down so that you're reading portions of a different book of the Bible every day of the week. That's helpful when you're in the middle of say...Leviticus. It can get rather boring reading all the laws every day. Boring? Did I say boring? Today I was reading chapters 4-6. What I do is pull up an audio Bible and have it read to me as I read the words. It really hit me today. All of those animals slaughtered...over the whole Old Testament times, how many thousands and thousands of animals were killed? What a visual that was for all those living in the Old Testament times. They could see with their eyes the effect of their sins. Innocent animals were brought to the slaughter because of the sins the people committed. Why does that hit so hard? Why were innocent animals slaughtered for the sins of the people? Now fast forward to New Testament times. What visual do WE have?! We have God Himself slaughtered for our sins! God Himself DIED on the cross for us?! Which visual should have the bigger impact? Which visual DOES have the bigger impact? So often in the past when I'd watch a movie and something happened to an animal I'd be more upset than if something happened to a person. Why is that? Is that the case this time? Would I be more effected if I saw an actual lamb killed because of something I'd done? But God Himself was killed because of everything I've done!
Thoughts to ponder.................

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