Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just in case anyone checks in.....

I had to change my email address since the spammers had finally overwhelmed this email account I couldn't take it anymore. Knew it would happen sooner or later which is why I set up a special email addy for PrayerBears. Well it hit me when I was signing blogs under the new email addy that anyone clicking on my name would not be directed over here, but to never-never-cyber-land. So, I created a new blog over at the new email addy. If anyone wants to check it out you can find it at:
Can't guarantee that I'll write over there very often, but at least there's somewhere to land now.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wow! What a shock!

I came over here earlier so I could post about Renee's site. And what did I find? I've had comments! I've actually had comments! I thought I'd get a notice if someone posted a comment but I guess not.
So, since there's even the slightest chance that someone's actually reading this I'm going to share a wonderful way to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month. Head on over to Cleavage Creek and order a bottle of wine! These are very special bottles of wine. Eight breast cancer survivors were chosen to be put on the labels. One was a woman I've been praying for for a long time now. You can find her bottle here: If you want to try something else, click on the bottles on the top and see what else they have to offer. Money goes to a wonderful cause! So head on over there and find just the right one for you!

To all the masses of humanity.....

who don't visit this site, you're missing out on some special news. Renee Garcia's been blogging for a year as of today! So if you want to see what a REAL blog looks like, head on over to: You'll be glad you did!